Cloudy Whispers.

Watching clouds go by is always going to be my favorite pass time. This is one of the luxuries I have experienced in this beautiful tiny city of Nantes. It is not really a big thing, nor does it cost anything, but how many of us do actually takeout time to watch the clouds pass by.

To observe this beautiful silence and be one with nature, with the universe and in that tiny moment, with yourself. Your mind automatically shuts down all the worries and the chatter going on within. You don’t realize how unobservant you are of yourself and the surrounding , until the moment you really become silent and observe. At that moment, suddenly, a sense of peace and calm passes. You can see your dreams pass by, can imagine your future, of what you really desire to make of this life, the short span of time that we are here, yet a really long one to conquer all that we desire if we actually think. Watching clouds go by, somehow also makes me feel everything is possible, it gives me hope, a reason to believe. Believe that this life is good, that I can conquer whatever I set my mind to. A flash of all the moments with your loved ones passes, you realize who has really loved you and who has loved you only when it suited them. You realize, despite everything, you have been lucky enough to experience true friendship and true love. You also realize life has been kind to you in its own way, and the things that weren’t supposed to be were for your best. Life has a way of telling you why things happen the way they happen, we just have to be observant enough. In that tiny moment, you start trusting in life. Good or bad, it is for your best. It let’s you believe in faith. That you are alone, yet at the same time connected with everyone. It makes you realize you are responsible for your own emotions. It is you who has the power how you make yourself feel. Looking at the clouds pass by also makes you realize being alone is sometimes more soulful than being around chatter. Yet, life without sharing would not be as much of a life, life without love wouldn’t be as much of a life, but more than that, life without spending a moment or two without being one with the universe wouldn’t be much of a life either. Balance. That’s the answer I guess. Balance over emotions, balance over work, health, spirituality, relationships, social work, partying, hobbies, knowledge and learning. You have one life to make it how you want to be. And looking at clouds pass by, is sometimes the best way to make you realize it and believe it is possible.




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